• What is Homestay?

    Easy to make friends

    Homestay is an excellent way to make friends, learn about Singapore's multi - racial culture and at the same time practice your English/Mandarin while living in a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Why choose us?

    Because we offer all you need!

    - A safe, clean & comfortable home
    - 2-3 healthy meals a day
    - A kind and caring family support environment
    - Guardianship for those under 17 years of age...
  • Why Singapore?

    One of the safest city in the World

    - The cleanliness and zeal and discipline of its population.
    - The peace, the prosperity with a strong government.
    - The convenience in transportation.
    - A safe environment to live and study in...
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  • Selina Lee
  • Vincent Lee
Selina Lee

- Selina, having worked in both Singapore and Malaysia, enjoyed a wonderful experience in the credit card, hospitality and aerospace industries, providing administration, sales and customer support functions.
- Now she's paying full attention taking care of Homestay students as a Mother.

Vincent Lee

- Mr. Vincent Lee is the Founder of Homestay Placement Service in Singapore
- Vincent has spent the last 30 years working for various multinationals both listed as well as local companies in managerial and senior positions.
- Since Year 2002, together with his wife, Selina, they have decided to provide a “Home-away-from-home” environment for foreign students.


  • Colin Kim +

    16 years old

    from Korea

    I am happy here. I have a guardian who takes care of me and guides me. I have got friends who I can talk with. The environment is excellent for me to do my O levels.
  • Ivan Lin +

    13 years old

    from China

    I love staying here because I learn to speak English. Here, everyone is force to speak English daily. It helps me when I attend classes. I am now in Secondary 4 and pursuing my dreams.
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Mr. Vincent Lee: +65 9788 2779

Mr. Derrick Foo: +65 9853 6440


Mr. Duy Nguyen: +84 938 05 02 03


Mr. Vichai: +66 83035 5953


Mr. Ayan: +77 77269 8888
Ms. Yana: +77 01727 1110


Mr. Kengo Yamada: +81 907227 0576
Mr. Harry Yoshida: +81 90379 5972

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